Dropbox Chooser

Manage your documents
within your cronsync tasks

Dropbox Chooser and cronsync

Attach documents from your Dropbox with the new Dropbox Chooser to your cronsync tasks.

After the integration of Google Drive into cronsync few weeks ago we became aware of the Dropbox Chooser and have integrated it as an alternative to Google Drive in our task management.

The Dropbox Chooser can be easily integrated into the daily work with cronsync and offers an optimal interface for document management with Dropbox and cronsync.

Simply select a task, select Dropbox Chooser sign up or login to Dropbox and select the appropriate document to the task, that’s it.

Using the Dropbox Chooser in your own project is very simple.

First you have to create a new app by visting the App console page. To secure your app you have to provide a domain name. If you are developing you can use localhost for the domain name.

Then integrate the embed code with your „data-app-key“ into your site

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.dropbox.com/static/api/1/dropins.js" id="dropboxjs" data-app-key="6zm1uesxb6ytp0h"></script>

and choose a button.

<input type="dropbox-chooser" name="selected-file" style="visibility: hidden;"/>

You can add the following attributes to your button:

  • type required dropbox-chooser identifies the input element as a Chooser button.
  • name Standard for all HTML input elements. This is the label for the value when the form is submitted.
  • style visibility: hidden; prevents the tag from showing before it’s loaded properly. Don’t worry; it becomes visible once loaded.
  • data-link-type The value is either preview (default) or direct. See the Link types section below for more information.
  • data-multiselect The value is either false (default) or true. If true then multiple files can be selected in the Chooser.

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