Multi-currency invoices

Exchange rates on a daily basis through the Yahoo Finance API


Can I generate multi-currency invoices with cronsync?

As we have customers from all over the world dealing with international business partners and customers, we have now expanded the cronsync features by an incorporated currency converter.  So now cronsync supports the generation of multi-currency invoices. You can simply chose the currency in a drop-down menue and cronsync calculates the amount in the new currency. cronsync uses the Yahoo Finance API to provide the latest and accurate exchange rate of the day. The invoice with the new exchange rate can be exported as PDF or DOCX document. Once created, the amount on the invoice remains the same, unless you want cronsync to recalculate the amount at a later stage. You can also switch off the currency-converter and use for example pre-agreed fix exchange rates.

The multi-currency invoices feature does not affect the standard currency in your cronsync account. Just the selected invoice will be convertetd into the new currency. Your hourly rates, fixed budgets or expenses remain unchanged.

To create a multi-currency invoice, please follow these steps:

  1. Select „ACCOUNTING“
  2. Open the invoice preview
  3. Click on the current currency in the right-hand corner
  4. Select another currency
  5. Check the proposed exchange rate and save


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