Setup your own Word Template
to create invoices in your Corporate Design

Invoices as .docx

How to create your own Word Invoice Templates in cronsync

Is it possible to edit my invoices in Word or to use Word templates?
In cronsync you can generate a PDF document from the preview of an invoice. If you want to edit the invoice afterwards, you can generate a Word document and therefor choose from multiple cronsync Word templates.
Moreover you can create and upload your own templates with placeholders to dynamically create your invoices.

How to generate an invoice as a Word document: In the preview of an invoice click „DOCX“ on the top left, choose your favorite template and click „Download“ – that´s it !

If you want to create your own template, choose the placeholders you need and insert them into your template.
Format the placeholders in your document with the font, size and color you like and the data which gets inserted will have the same format.
The placeholder ${Table} creates the table with all the positions in your invoice. The table will have the same content as you have chosen it in the preview at „Detail“.
When your template is finished, click „Preferences“ in the menu, click on the „System“ tab and upload your template at „Word template“.